Cristina (onfire_4him) wrote in leftbehindfans,


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

If you look around you`ll see it.You`ll see what God is doing.He is doing so much and yet if we don`t pay attention we`ll miss it.
I believe God is bringing about revival.He`s restoring relationships that had been broken,He is mending hearts back together.If you look around I know you can see that many people are changing...well,things are changing.New ministries are being started,people are getting so much closer to God than ever before.God is mobilizing His church to bring the good news to Hid chosen people (Israel)and the whole earth.I can see tht God is working in people hearts.He is drawing people to Him and using the most unspected ways to reveal Himself.Somehow,He is bringing Christians all around the world back to their Jewish roots.I see it.I`m part of that group.And for some of you this might seem alittle weird,but it`s happening.There are revivals happening here in the States,in Iran,in Iraq .There are so many things going on that the news won`t cover.There are amazing things happening in Israel besides the whole Palestinian issue.I believe God is opening doors and making ways for us to fufill the plans that He has for our lives.
Ofcourse,with every person that comes to Christ there is another who rebels.As God speaks some people are rejecting Him more.There are things happening in the US that I can`t believe.The darkness is becoming greater because Satan knows his time is running out.I believe that God is getting ready to do amazing things ,because He`s coming to rapture His church soon.
I feel the urgency to tell every christian to please not waist time.Use every opportunity you can to tell others about Christ.Give time to prayer and fasting and bible reading.These are our weapons agaisnt a battle that is very real.A battle agaisnt Satan.Time is gonna run out and I want to know that I did all that I could to bring as many people to Christ.
Christians we NEED to step up to that level of righteousness that we are called to be at.We represent Christ,we are His embassadors.That is not ,by any means,to be taken lightly.God takes how we represent Him very seriously.
Let`s live each day as it were our last....

Thank you for your time!
Living for Him,
Cristina I.
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