Lindsey (pissimissi) wrote in leftbehindfans,

new....not really

The movies were horrible, but I was growing into adolescence with a pious father and stepmother so it was all I had. However Gorden Currie made a very sexy Carpathia. Before christmas I started listening to the radio drama on the net and found that I really missed the series. I had lost interest some years ago after Hattie died. It was so refreshing to get back into the fandom after being away for so long. As an early present to myself I bought The Rising and found it wonderful. I always loved Nicolae's character and his childhood fascinated, me. I am to appreciate these stories so much more now that the perspective of that they are merely fiction has come into play. (When I was 12 I studied the bible as I read) I was able to take so much more from the characters and the storyline. I may buy the other prequels after I finish Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series.
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